We are a multicultural real estate disposition company that serves different ethnic markets in South Carolina to bring the most buyers for your deals to sell them quickly at the highest prices! You bring us the deals and we bring you the buyers! Our networks of buyers include cash buyers from the different cultures here in the South Carolina Midlands!

Our typical joint venture profit split is 60% for you and 40% for us (negotiable on a deal-by-deal basis).

Our 4-step process is simple:

1. Submit Your Deal (Your Contact Info, Address Of Deal Under Contract With You, Property Details)
2. Email Your Documents (Purchase & Sale Agreement, any other relevant documents) to Carlos at barrerainvestmentsllc@gmail.com
3. We Contact You For Details (Access To House, Deal Background)
4. Get Paid At Closing!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this! Let us do the heavy lifting and legwork to sell your deals!

When you team up with us to sell your deals, we also provide educational benefits to help you succeed! Submit your deals to us today!

You can learn more about us and who we are just by calling and asking or reading about us on this website!