Mortgage Rates Edge Higher From Long-Term Lows

Mortgage rates hit another all-time low on Friday for most lenders. Other lenders had slightly lower rates yesterday morning. Since then however, almost every lender has moved up from those lows, even if only by microscopically small amounts in the bigger picture. Purchases and refinances continue to be offered at vastly different rates. The gap is as wide a half a percent for some lenders, and no smaller than 0.125% in the best cases. This assumes the loan in question is conventional, conforming, over $ 125k, and not part of the HomeReady or HomePossible programs offered by Fannie and Freddie (those programs are exempt from the recently phased-in fee that applies to all conventional conforming refinances over $ 125k). Prospects for additional improvement are limited from here on out . Lenders
Mortgage Rates Newsletter – Market Analysis

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