Forbearances Keep Climbing; Should You Wait For Lower Rates?

Mortgage rates have fallen more aggressively than ever and they’ve been remarkably willing to set record after record. So is there any reason you shouldn’t wait for them to go even lower? This is an age old question any time rates fall to long-term lows. In the past, the answer has been pretty easy . If rates had fallen more than 1.5% from their previous high over the course of several years, and if something obvious happened to push them just a bit lower, it was time to refi! For example, the Fed’s policy shift (in favor of mortgages) in September 2012 and the Brexit vote in 2016 both pushed rates quickly lower. Both were singular events with finite information, that allowed markets to react and move on. Coronavirus has filled this role in a different way. Like past events, it hit a market
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