About Us

If you have any questions or comments beyond what is on this webpage, I’d love to chat with you. I can be reached at phone/text: 803-447-1338 and email: barrerainvestmentsllc@gmail.com . I enjoy my family and helping others.

Carlos Barrera, founder and CEO of Barrera Investments, LLC, started his real estate career as a loan officer for residential mortgages in 2004. In 2014 he started wholesaling and investing in real estate and has facilitated and closed numerous transactions ever since. Throughout the years, Carlos has learned, and educated others, about creative ways to wholesale and invest in real estate such as by owner financing, buying “subject to”, wholetailing, and by other ways.

Carlos has a passion not only for giving his family a better life, but also for helping new wholesalers get their first deal closed. He often finds buyers for those deals that most cash buyers will buy and loves creating win-win-win situations for the sellers, his joint venture partners, and the end buyers.

Direct message from Carlos:

I am a Christian. I have a blended family. When I am not working on real estate, I enjoy cooking, spending time with my family,  educating myself more about real estate,  do-it-yourself projects, and anything that helps me grow spiritually, as a person, financially, and more.

I started wholesaling to have freedom and time to spend with my family. My family is my WHY. I love helping people. I like to think “outside the box”.