The Forbearance Period is Ending: What’s the Impact on Foreclosures, House Prices, Supply, and Homeownership?

Foreclosures will likely widen the already alarming homeownership gap among income groups and racial groups, with low income and minority groups twice as likely to face foreclosure than higher income and non-minority groups and homeowners of FHA-insured loans three times as likely to face foreclosure. – Research

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NAR Applauds House Vote to Secure Housing Rights for LGBTQ Americans

The legislation would ensure sexual orientation and gender identity are included as prohibited bases for discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. – Fair Housing

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NAR Commends White House Extension of Forbearance and Foreclosure Protections

White House Extends Forbearance, Foreclosure Protection NAR supports the Biden administration’s efforts to protect housing for millions of vulnerable Americans as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Media Contact:  Wesley Shaw 202-383-1193 Short Sales & Foreclosures, Coronavirus

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House Committee Looks at Mortgage Servicer Response to Pandemic

Posted To: MND NewsWire The House Financial Service Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing on Thursday entitled, “Protecting Homeowners During the Pandemic: Oversight of Mortgage Servicers’ Implementation of the CARES Act.” Scheduled witnesses were Alys Cohen, staff attorney, National Consumer Law Center; Marcia Griffin, Founder and President, HomeFree-USA; Donnell Williams, President, National […]

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