Expirations Help Forbearance Numbers; Rates Under Pressure Despite Weak Jobs Report

Economic data is traditionally one of the key contributors to interest rate movement. Of the regularly-scheduled reports, none has more market-moving street cred than The Employment Situation–otherwise known as “the jobs report” or simply NFP (due to its headline component: Non-Farm Payrolls). The relationship between econ data and rates can wax and wane. Covid definitely […]

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Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Market Drama; Home Price Gains Break 6 yr Record

Like many industries, housing finance has a superficial layer that’s fairly easy to understand for the average consumer. A person wants a home. They don’t want to pay cash. They get a loan. Lower rates = lower payments. The end. Shortly below that superficial layer of understanding, where a surprisingly high percentage of mortgage professionals […]

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Mortgage Rates Mostly Flat Despite Stronger Bond Market

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch Mortgage rates are mostly determined by the trading levels of mortgage-backed bonds on the open market. When those bonds improve, mortgage rates move lower, all other things being equal. For a variety of reasons, that typical relationship has been hit and miss on any given day since the pandemic began. […]

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