Buyer Demand Provides Modest Boost to Builder Confidence

New home builders seem to be slowly getting their mojo back. After recovering from the hit they took in the first days of the pandemic, they encountered labor shortages, supply chain issues, and rising material costs. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) said that builder confidence in the new home market, driven by strong […]

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NAR Launches “First-Time Buyer” Streaming Video Series on ROKU

NAR Launches “First-Time Buyer” Streaming Video Series The eight-part series showcases REALTORĀ® value and will stream on Roku, YouTube, and Facebook. Media Contact:Ā  Wesley Shaw 202-383-1193

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First-time Buyer Share Declines to 31% in September 2020 But Still Hits 2 Million

Amid more intense buyer competition, rising prices, and higher credit qualifications, the share of first-time buyers continued to decline to 31% in September. – Research

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