Forbearances Tumble; Mortgage Profits Break 2008’s Record; Locking/Floating After Jobs Report

The number of loans in forbearance declined sharply over the course of the past week. Black Knight said the number of homeowners exiting their plans jumped to the highest level in four weeks due to end-of-May expirations. There were also noticeable declines in the number of borrowers returning to the program as well as new […]

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Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Market Drama; Home Price Gains Break 6 yr Record

Like many industries, housing finance has a superficial layer that’s fairly easy to understand for the average consumer. A person wants a home. They don’t want to pay cash. They get a loan. Lower rates = lower payments. The end. Shortly below that superficial layer of understanding, where a surprisingly high percentage of mortgage professionals […]

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MBS RECAP: Bonds Break Key Levels After Fed

Posted To: MBS Commentary Bonds Break Key Levels After Fed Both MBS and Treasuries were right on the edge of their recent ranges heading into Fed day. MBS broke their range right out of the gate while Treasuries waited until the Fed was done before their breakout. If this positive momentum retreats tomorrow, it will […]

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