Non-Government Loans See Jump in Forbearances; Huge Inflation, But Here’s Housing’s Bigger Problem

The forbearance numbers increased again over the past week although Black Knight, in its weekly report, said these mid- to late-month upticks are becoming common . The number of mortgages in active plans rose by 16,000 or 0.73 percent. The number of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans in forbearance declined by 1,000 but that was offset by an increase of 2,000 among loans serviced for FHA and the VA and a 15,000 loan rise (2.5 percent) in forbearances among portfolio-held and privately securitized mortgages. As of May 25, there were a total of 2.195 million mortgage loans remaining in forbearance plans, 4.1 percent of all first mortgages being serviced . There were 682,000 GSE loans, 887,000 VA and FHA loans and 625,000 loans serviced for bank portfolio or private label security investors. Black
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